There you are sitting in worship or Bible study. Your child, or toddler, is restless. Perhaps they’re even a little boisterous. You try to silence them, and nothing. You try to pacify them with food or toys, and nothing. Eventually, you resort to the last thing you wanted to do: you pick them up, and before a watching audience, you make the march out of the auditorium. All the while, you’re a little embarrassed. Maybe you’re a little frustrated too. You might even think to yourself, “There’s no point in coming to church. I get nothing out of it because I have to constantly care for my kid.”

I want you — you mothers and/or fathers — to know just how encouraging you are to so many.

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We are delighted in having Eric Barger as a guest speaker on Sunday, January 5th at our 8:30 & 11:00AM Services. Also Make Sure to hear him speak on "Understanding the Postmodern Playbook" During our Sunday School Hour at 10:00AM

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The way you look at everything is about to change!

Are you banking everything on evolution? Do you find that many of your life assumptions and decisions are built on the foundation of evolution as scientific fact?  Prepare to take a powerful second-look that may just change everything about how you have viewed life and the world around you.

There is a new option for filtering of DVD Movie content. In addition to ClearPlay, a new option is available for families that is completely customizable. It is called "enJoy".

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