John & Hannah Lee are serving with Paul & Becky Abel in Curitiba, Parana (Brazil) with AFLC World Missions.

Children: Bethany, Eliza, Ayda Rose and Anastasia

he Lees are serving in Brazil with their four daughters, Bethany (3), Eliza (2), Ayda (1) and Anastasia (“Annie”) who was born in October, 2019.  They are working with AFLC missionaries Paul and Becky Abel in Curitiba and are currently living in their home while the Abels are on an extended furlough in the States.  The Lees continue to learn the language and are working to familiarize themselves with the churches and workers there in Curitiba.  The Lees actually interned here at Atonement for a year before they transitioned to the ministry in Brazil in 2018.

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