The IRON SHARPENS IRON Conference Network is made up of individual ministries that are willing to act interdependently to most effectively offer local churches a first class resource for men

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Steve Altmeyer - What's Next? 2014-01-29
Andrew Valle - What The Bible Says About Man 2014-01-29
Vince D' Acchioli - Armed And Ready For Battle 2014-01-29
Bill Perkins - The Jesus Experiment 2014-01-29
Kyle Ohagan - The First Person You Lead 2014-01-29
Vince D'Acchioli - Six Elements Of Effective Churches 2014-01-29
Steve Hall - Want To Know More About Jesus 2014-01-29
Family Legacy 2014-01-29
Jarett Clarke - Are You Stuck in the muck? 2014-01-29

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