2015 Sermons

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
2015-03-08 Fellowship With God Calls for Holiness Pastor Rick Long 2015-03-08 General Topics
2015-03-01 Fellowship With God Is Established by Sacrifice Leviticus 1:1-17:1 Pastor Rick Long 2015-03-01 General Topics
2013-07-14 Are There Instructions for Children? Pastor Rick Long 2015-02-24 General Topics
2015-02-22 Stand In Awe of God's Unique Presence Pastor Rick Long 2015-02-22 General Topics
2015-02-15 Guest Speaker: Missionary Ben Jore 2015-02-15 General Topics
2015-02-08 Guest Speaker: Dave Edwards David Edwards 2015-02-08 General Topics
2015-02-01 - Pastor Rick Long Pastor Rick Long 2015-02-01 General Topics
2015-01-25 - Exodus Pt3: Awe at God's Holiness Exodus Pastor Rick Long 2015-01-25 Bible Book Studies
2015-01-18 - Exodus Pt2: God's Delivering Power Exodus Pastor Rick Long 2015-01-18 Bible Book Studies
2015-01-11 - Exodus Pt1: God's Compassionate Wisdom Exodus Pastor Rick Long 2015-01-11 Bible Book Studies
2015-01-04 Guest Speaker: Eric Barger Eric Barger 2015-01-04 General Topics

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