Welcome to Volunteer Central!

The Church is called the "Body of Christ" because it is made up with of members with different gifts, abilities and talents who all work together!

Volunteer Central is a place to coordinate the needs and projects that can be taken by those with various gifts.

Browe through the current needs and see if any of them are something you are able to help with.

The details and the commitment level and contact person are listed with each need!

Thanks for being involved!  Together we can serve the needs God has called us to meet!


Current Needs:

-> Visitation Ministry - There is a need for ones to serve on the Visitation Committee of Atonement.  The Visitation Committee ministers to those that are shut-in or sick.  Contact Pastor.

-> Website help - Basically just word processing on the internet.  Periodic updates.  No software needed, just basic computer skills and internet access  Commitment: flexible.  Contact Luke.

-> Graphic Design Volunteer - Graphic design is a continual need.  From publicity to outreach, powerpoint to posters.  If you have an eye for this and a willingness to help, let us know what you're interested in.  Commitment: Flexible (as little or as much as you want)   Contact Luke.

-> PowerPoint Help - Powerpoint creation and editing for Sunday announcements, sermon, songs, etc is a very large task.  If you have a willingness to help regularly or semi-regularly with this ministry, please let us know.  Commitment: As little as 15-30minutes each week or even less frequently.  Contact Pastor.

-> Library Volunteers - The Church Library is full of excellent resources that can be checked out and used for personal or small group use.  There is a need for volunteers to assist Judy Smith in filing new books into the library as well as re-filing books that are checked out and returned. Commitment: 10 minutes a week or 30 minutes a month.  Contact Pastor.

-> Writer - We need ones that are willing to write short articles for past and upcoming events in the church life.  This would be a tremendous blessing that would allow the website to have more current and helpful information. Commitment: Flexible. Contact Luke.

-> Flowerbed Care - The Church landscape is an important part of the overall appearance of our Church!Would there be individuals, families or even a small group that would like to adopt one of the flowerbeds for the summer?  A small amount of work would go a long way in keeping the grounds beautiful.  It's also an opportunity to spruce up for Easter!  Contact the trustees or Pastor.

-> Phone Chain Prayer Team - We are looking into setting up an automated phone chain for special situations.  If you have a burden for prayer and desire to be a part of this intercessory ministry, this is a great opportunity to plug in.  Contact Pastor.

-> Food Bank Assistance -The Arlington Haggens is donating food Monday-Friday to the Arlington Food Bank and other distribution points.  People from the community are volunteering to pick this up from Haggens (between 7 and 8am).  But additional teams of 4-6 people are needed to spread out the work load.  Contact Pastor.


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