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Young Adults

Atonement Young Adults  We know the challenges during this time of life are huge! These years can be some of the most difficult for one’s faith. Feelings of isolation and loneliness can further compound the problem.

Our goal at Atonement is to support, encourage and come alongside you.

1--We want to connect you to a group where you can grow.  Perhaps this is a campus Bible study, a small group, a campus ministry, or a discipleship class. Faith is one of the most important parts of life and God has designed for it to be done in community!

2--We want to support you with…

Hard Questions:  Maybe it would be helpful to have someone that you could call to talk about difficult questions that you are wrestling with. We are building a network of wise mentors that can help you as you face difficult questions.

Personal Prayer:  Perhaps you would like to have someone that you could text or call when you are frustrated, overwhelmed or needing encouragement. We want to connect you with someone that will pray with you specifically whenever needed.

Helpful Resources:  Maybe there are resources that we could give to help with devotional life, difficult questions, or equipping. Books, audio books, devotionals, resource books, etc. We have some powerful resources just waiting to be put into your hands related to any question or issue you are facing.

Life-Coaching:  Sometimes counseling or life-coaching is needed to assist with life-issues, overcome a life-controlling problem or give support through a difficult circumstance. There are ones that we want to connect you with.

Mentorship:  Maybe you are interested in discipleship by an older mentor to help you grow spiritually. There are ones that would love to begin to walk along-side you in your journey of faith.

Use the form below to give a quick answer on how we can best serve, support and encourage you!

If there are other ways we can encourage, help you, pray for you, or support you at this time, let us know. We’re here for you. 

Young Adult Bible Study, Friday Nights at 7pm. Connect with the form below


--Use this website to find and connect to a campus ministry!  http://www.liveabove.com/default.aspx

--Tips for growing in your faith at college  https://www.cru.org/communities/campus/why-students-lose-faith-in-college.html 


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